ClarkSwap Audit

Find on this page a detailed Audit of ClarkSwap Devs,Contracts Codes,Website and Relevant Apps.If you have more info about the project that we have not published you can always reach out to us.

ClarkSwap is a Binance Smart Chain App where users can buy,trade,stake,swap and Hodl multiple Crypto.The ClarkSwap Token is the utility token on the ClarkSwap App.

1. Devs

No. of Team Members:4

Identity: Non Anon.KYCed

Based: YES. Same as BOSE Finance Devs

Scam History: NO

2. Contracts

Number of Contracts: 1

Token Contract URL:To be updated

Symbol of Token: CLSW

Total Supply: 100,000,000 CLSW

Tax:7% Tax,3% added to liquidity and locked,2% distributed to $CLSW HODLERS,2% buy back and burn.

Presale Contract URL:To be updated

Mint Function:Initial Mint ONLY

Contract Functions: ONLY Owner can call functions

Ownership:Devs will Renounce after listing on Pancakeswap

Token Holders:To be updated

3. Website

Website URL: ClarkSwap

Language: Bootstrap

Design: Attractive,sections well arranged and easy to navigate

Graphics: Perfect

Security:Has SSL Cerificate

Applications:Under Development

4. Relevant Applications

Staking App: None

Mobile App: None


Private Sale: YES

Private Sale Date: 3rd April 2021

Presale: YES

Presale Date: 10th April 2021

Presale Platform: Whitelist

6.Rug Pull Scenarios

Rug Raised BNB: Very possible if they use their own wallet.Known devs have pulled the rug this way in the past.Not possible if they use a third party wallet

Dump Tokens: Possible but not grevious,there are team/marketing tokens.Dump won't affect much.

Mint Tokens: Not possible,mint closed permanently!

Remove liquidity: YES,If team does not lock liquidity they can pull the rug or remove liquidity when time lock expires

Possibility of Hack: Not possible at the moment.Contract is secure.Hack can happen if they do a staking app.Most staking applications have been hacked in the past

Owner called Functions: Not possible because no enable/disable trading,sweep/rug functions on the contract.Owner can ONLY burn tokens from his/her wallets